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Learn English with the news!
Would you like to keep up with global news and brush up your English at the same time? Then we are the perfect group for you. We meet on Friday mornings to chat and discuss the latest newspaper articles or BBC podcasts in English. You should already be at a B1 level to follow the course. B2 is also no problem. Please bring a booklet and pen to make notes of new vocabulary and or interesting phrases. I am looking forward to seeing you in March!


Zeitraum und Kosten
Freitag 03.03.2023 - Freitag 16.06.2023, 10:45 - 12:15 Uhr, 12 x, 100,00 € bei 5 - 6 Tn, 80 € bei 7 - 10 Tn

Haus der Begegnung Pfaffenhofen, Raum 207 (2. Stock)
Hauptplatz 47
85276 Pfaffenhofen

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