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Englisch für den Beruf

Xpert-Business-Kurse - Finanzbuchführung


wenig Plätze frei Advanced English - Use it or lose it!

Mi. 19.02.2020 (19:00 - 20:30 Uhr) - Mi. 27.05.2020, 12 x, in Pfaffenhofen − Kurs-Nr. 201A3351
Dozentin: Sabina Probst

You already have a good grasp of English (minimum B2 level) and you'd like to keep in practice. In this course the emphasis is on speaking. Newspaper or magazine articles, book or film reviews, audio files, humour, anecdotes are just some of the sources we draw on to start off our discussions. Join us and have fun while expanding your vocabulary.

Plätze frei English for business, travel and socializing (B1/B2)

Do. 20.02.2020 (18:00 - 19:30 Uhr) - Do. 18.06.2020, 12 x, in Pfaffenhofen − Kurs-Nr. 201A3361
Dozentin: Bettina Schnell

This course (max. 10 persons) is ideal for people with a basic knowledge of English (B1) who would like to improve their English for work, travel and general conversation. There will be modules on business vocabulary (how to make phone calls and write emails in English), but general English will also be part of the class as well as the differences between American and British English and culture. The course is aimed at people who want to consolidate their English at work and in private.

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