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Dehn, Adi

Conversational English
Mo. 19.02.2024 19:45

The course will discuss different topics in a relaxed atmosphere. Current news texts, small grammar exercises and song texts are also part of this course. You should have knowledge according to B2.

Kursnummer 241A3345
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Gebühr: 83,00
bei 5 - 6 Tn, 62 € bei 7 - 15 Tn
Dozent*in: Adi Dehn
Englisch die Stadt erkunden - City Tour Pfaffenhofen
Do. 27.06.2024 17:00
Treffpunkt: Innenhof Spitalstraße 7

Sprache Erleben - Raus aus dem Klassenzimmer!

Enjoy some of the nicest places and most interesting parts of Bavarian history in Pfaffenhofen with our experienced tour guide Adi Dehn. Would you like to learn more about the history of the city and about the most important buildings and squares? On this exciting, informative and entertaining city tour you will get a well-founded historical insight and learn surprising anecdotes about the history of Pfaffenhofen. The tour includes about 15 stations, starting at the town hall, past the former city wall and the church St. Johannes Baptist to the Marian statue on the main square.

Kursnummer 241A3380
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Gebühr: 5,00
Dozent*in: Adi Dehn
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